Why would a graphics card fan slow down and stop?

Hello, I have a GTX 295 that will work fine while idle but under load the fan will get noticeably quieter until it stops altogether and my temps skyrocket. I tested it by having a game running for about 20 minutes, dropped the fan level to 40% then up to 100% again - there was barely a difference in the loudness of the fan, whereas from cold boot the fan at 100% sounds like a jet engine. Why does this happen? Also, would replacing the fan component itself repair the problem or do I need a new graphics card?

I have changed almost all the components in the computer while this problem has been happening so I don't think it is related to anything else. Also, it was first using an Antec Quattro 1000W PSU and is now using a Corsair TX950 PSU so power shouldn't really be an issue here.
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  1. How are you checking your temps? If your fan is doing that then the motor is burning out caused from extreme heat probley from your GPU. Some cards you can replace the fan. That one I don't know for sure.

    And you are right not a power problem.
  2. the gpu fan speed is set by the bios and nvidia drivers. i would see if your card has a firmware update and try a clean install of the nvidia drivers. msi afterburner if set to man should keep your fan at 100 percent. also check any power saving settings.
  3. Dead bearing. Replace it.
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