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Hi all,

I have a Alienware x51 top end model. And i replaced the GPU with a 7850 OC. Now my problem in BF3 isnt a big one. I choose to use Vsync in it because the screen tearing can get on my nerves. I play on Auto Settings which is basically textures at ultra and the rest down to medium with no AA. This seems to be the best for me because i can maintain a constant 60 with an ocaisional drop to low 50's max.

However, i notice that with vsync on i get a slight stutter, its not big at all, just like when running at full speed i can tell the game has literally skipped a frame or 2 when running through doors. Its barely noticable but i can still catch it sometimes. Is this normal to expect. Like i said its virtually impossible to even tell but i still would like to know if there is any settings i could change to possibly make it run 100% smooth aside from having that 1% skip every so often.

My guess is that is just the way the game is. I am currently running CCC 12.3 because i heard that 12.4 has more problems that benifits.

Please help or give advice.
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  1. I don't really know what to tell you. I had same thing for AC: Brotherhood, with VSync it would stutter when it dropped below 60 fps (even if it's 58), and without - screen tearing was unbearable. My solution was Adaptive Vsync, but I guess AMD doesn't support it?
  2. With Vsynch, I thought the only allternative was 60 or 30 fps?

    Anyway, why not try this.....try turning OFF your Vsynch, but increasing other settings so that you end up around 60 anyway. That's what I ended up doing. Rather than lower settings with vsynch, I put everything high enough so that it ran mostly in the 55 range, with an occassional dip down to 30 during nade-fest in metro (when it doesn't matter anyway cause you can't see ***).

    I've never had any of the skipping you describe when I'm just running down the hall....but I do get some weird frame stuff during supergrenadehallwayfuntime.

    Oh yeah, and make sure your settings match what your monitor is. For instance if you have a 60 hz monitor make sure in your video settings you have it on 60. I noticed in BF3 there are like 59.3 and stuff like that for the hz.

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