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I plan to build a low spec pc, the reason is quite simple, it's my first attempt in building a machine so i want to understand the fundamentals of how to build a rig and secondly, if i accidently brake something it won't cost alot to replace. This low spec pc will be used to run Windows 7 Ult 64-bit edition and just be able to acccess the internet. It' won't be used for gaming or for doing any kind of large scale applications, it's purely for me to have a project and test with. I've found the parts that i wish to purchase and would like to run them by you guys to find out if the parts i'm going purchase will cause any incompatibility issues :


2.Power supply


4.CPU + Heatsink fan


6.Video Card


8.Optical drive

Given the above list, do any of you think that there would be any incompatibility issues?

Please bear in mind that it is build is for experimental reasons not for gaming or for doing your homework on.
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  1. there all compatible i understand your nervous of your first build but i wouldn't recommend second hand parts but thats my personal opinion
  2. I don't see any compatibility issues, however, I don't trust the quality of the power supply, and I'd prefer to see the inside of the case.

    that said, why are you building such an old PC?
  3. I'm building an old pc purely as an experiment for me to undersand how to build one, i know that the parts are not up to par with today standards but bear in mind, since this will be my first run i simply want to ensure that i can build a working pc regardless of it's use. Once it's fully functional, i will invest in more time/money in upgrading my current PC which i use at home for gaming/work. Hope that helps.

    Also in terms of connectors, do you think i would need to replace/purchase extra cables when connecting the hard drive or optical drive?
  4. if the mobo is new-in-box, it should have some cables
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