I5-2320 bottleneck

well.I decided to be a little cheaper than usual and go with a less powerful desktop build and was wondering if the i5-2320 would bottleneck a gtx660ti or gtx670.Any replies would be helpful thanks a bunch in advance
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  1. I wouldn't say it would bottleneck either, but you would get a better performance difference getting a newer i5 like the 2500k or the 3470 and especially 3570k.
  2. No it won't. Sandybridge i5s of whatever speed are very, very fast. That specific model is as quick as the LGA1366 CPUs, and they're not considered as a CPU that would be a bottleneck yet.
  3. hmm.k thx for your replies ^^ and i would love to get a i5 2500k but i ahve a pretty tight budget and well with my current build it is almost bursting it so i have to like stick with the previous gen i5 to reduce costs >.<
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