I lost My xp boot disk-i have the cd key

im kindof in a pickle.you see, i bought a computer off a freind and it is genuine windows. the problem is he didnt have the cd disk so i cant reformat it. i have the cd key but i dont know if that helps at all..
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  1. if it is an OEM machine (not homebuilt, think dell, HP) there should be a recovery partition. you can do a factory restore or burn recovery disks. you can also use the key with any XP CD that is the same version.

    Quite frankly XP is a dead OS and I can't recommend using it
  2. its an hp compaq, where would that recovery partion be?
  3. its drive "D". I believe you push f11 at startup. if it originally came with XP and the recovery partition is gone I don't think you can order recovery disks anymore because its so old. an OEM XP disk should work though.
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