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Can you place a different 120mm fan in the back of the NZXT Phantom? Such as a a

I am wanting to know if you can place a different 120mm fan in the Nzxt phantom or if the fan it currently has is the only one that fits if so i will go with the company's havik 120. Then it will be all air but i really would like the liquid cooling such as thermaltake's all in one 120mm. What should I do because i plan to run an i7-3770k cpu in this case which is said to run hot.
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    The fans should be interchangeable and 120mm fans have the same mounting dimensions.
  2. you are right i have recently over the last few minutes looked at examples of finished products with this case the 120mm fans are interchangable. It turns out the 200mm fans that work only come from nzxt unfortunatly but all the others including the 140mm in the front you can use third party fans. thankyou very much for your answer.
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