Running an external test setup and CPU fan doesn't turn on


I started building my first self-assembled PC today and I think I'm running into a problem. This is my basic build:
ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Motherboard
Intel i5-3570K
EVGA Geforce 670 FTW
Corsair TX750 v2 PSU
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

So before assembling into my case, I decided to give the setup an external test and I installed the CPU and heatsink, put in the CPU fan and connected the Power Supply and GPU. On switching on the setup after connecting my GPU to the monitor, it seems to boot up fine and I am put into the UEFI BIOS. But the BIOS tells me that the CPU is at ~50 degrees Celsius. From what I've read, the temperature shouldn't go above 40 degrees. Also, the fan turns on on bootup, but then turns off. I set the target temperature in H/W monitor to 45 degrees, automatic made, full on, everything. That thing doesn't want to rotate. The wires of the fan look fine, no disconnections or anything

Is what I'm seeing normal? Will the temperatures become normal once its inside my airy Corsair 500R?
Also, Dr. Debug is stuck on code A6. I presume its because I have no hard drives connected yet, but please confirm this.

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  1. I connected the fan to another CPU fan plug (3-pin, whereas my fan has a 4-pin plug) and boot up again. This time the fan rotates (so yes, fan works fine) but its very slow. BIOS tells me its at 200-300 RPM even though the CPU is at 45 degrees. Setting fan speed to Level 9 (highest) doesn't change anything.

    So is it the BIOS not being able to control the fan speed or something else?
  2. do you have a case fan that you can plug into your 4 pin header and test it?? with 4 pin connector two are for power one is a pin to tell the mb there a fan there and one pin is for pmw controller. depending on the signal on that pin is how fast or slow a pmw fan will spin. when you plug a 4 pin fan onto a 3 pin header is should be spinning at it max speed.
  3. All my fans have 3 pin headers. So that won't be possible. The CPU heatsink fan works good cause, as I said, it spins when in the 3-pin header, albeit slowly. I'm just surprised that even at 50 degrees Celsius the fan speed controller didn't kick in to cool down the CPU.
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