Help on a psu and gpu

im new to this site seems to be really good and helpfull so i thought i would try it :)

im soon building a new budget gaming pc so far the spec im set on is

Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H Socket 1155
500gb hard drive
Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz...
bitfienix shonobi
intel core i5 2500k no over clock

need a psu that will support crossfire
and a gpu that will be good
i wont be using crossfire straight away only in the future

if any body could help i would be very thank full :D
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  1. What's your budget? I think good 600/750W PSU will be great.
  2. just getting the psu for now and then using the on board graphics till i get enough money

    cant go much more than 350 without the gpu

    then 200 (max) for a single gpu
  3. What? 200/350 Watts or money?
  4. £550
    including 1 gpu and a psu
  5. first of all, get either a z77 motherboard and overclock with that cpu, or buy a non overclockable cpu with that motheboard, and second get 8gb ram for sure. and get the windowed version of the shinobi cause it has a few more features. as for the psu, i have an xfx pro xxx 750w and its awesome! they go on sale regularly for 100 bucks. you keep saying crossfire so i assume you want amd cards? i would suggest that you save up longer and get one good card then buy 2 worse ones, you will run into alot of problems with crossfire in some games. but if your set on it then i would get 2 7870s or 2 gtx 660s, out of those two the sli 660s would be better then the crossfire amd cards, i think you will run into less problems with sli. and if you take my advice and get one good card, then i would get a gtx 670 or 7970
  6. which cpu would you reccomend
    i was going to go with the i3 then i thort about 4 cores?
  7. Intel Core i5-3570K will be awesome. :P
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