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My monitor detects neither the onboard graphics nor my graphics card. I went through the entire list of steps in this post, but nothing seems to work. I even tried some things particular to my mobo ASUS M4A89GTD PRO. All was working just prior to installing (correctly according to mobo instructions) some compatible memory (verified with the memory vendor prior to purchase). I have even put back the old memory (as originally installed) and it still does not work. I swapped out everything including PSU, removed graphics card. Monitor and digital video cable work with other PC. CPU was working fine just prior to my memory upgrade and for past 2 years - no bent pins, CPU fan spinning nicely, all other fans working, all cables snug, all memory snug, video card snug, reset mobo, all mobo lights in order, memory OK feature working... Only strange thing is that I do not get any beeps from mobo. None at all. I hooked up to speaker and I can hear powered speaker click when I connect speaker wire. Speaker works. I am stumped. I am sure it is something simple since it was just working - it always is.

Dead in the water. Thanks for any new suggestions.
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  1. RMA the motherboard, see what happens with the replacement.
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