Am3 CPU in AM2 motherboard? Wattage is correct.

Ok, so here's the situation. I'm looking to upgrade my prebuilt computer. I got it a few years back, so it has an AM2 mobo with a 65 watt TDP max. I have found a 65w AMD Phenom x2 905e, but it has an am3 socket. I know that an am3 CPU will physically fit into an Am2 socket, but will it work?
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  1. No you can't.

    905e is pretty slow anyway (low power) so it wouldn't likely be much faster anyway.
  2. But I have heard people that have gotten an AM3 processor to work on an AM2 mobo before, even over the max TDP, with a bios update. How can you be so sure?
  3. Which motherboard? If it's an OEM motherboard (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc.) you can pretty much forget about it, but if it's a store bought board, there may be a chance (a very slim one, however).
  4. That's what I meant. He said it was a prebuilt and those never have the higher end chipsets and BIOS updates to support the next gen CPUs.

    Really, the answer is you have to check with your motherboard documentation.
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