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Can anyone recommend me a cheap case? I dont care about how it looks, i just want a good cheap case. Btw i have the gigabyte z77x d3h atx lga11555 motherboard
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  1. Im on a 800$ budget and heres what im planning to get
  2. Well I have seen you have gone with the Haf 912, you should consider the antec 300 it is cheaper and if you ask me I prefer it over the Haf 912 due to better airflow right off the bat since it does come with a 120mm intake fan and a 140mm exhaust fan.
  3. Thanks i think ill get that, should i change the radeon hd 7870 hawk for the twin frozr oced edition because they are the same price and the fact that it's already overclocked, not to mention it has free shipping.
  4. Well are we talking about these two cards?

    If I am reading that right the Hawk edition is faster by 50mhz in terms of core clock compared to the Frozr, everything else is fine since they are tied. You may just want to stay with the Hawk edition.
  5. Okay i think ill go with the Frozr, thanks alot!
  6. I hope you read that right :lol:, I did say the Hawk edition was 50 mhz faster for core clocks. Either way that's very minimal in terms of FPS gains.
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