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Hi guys,

well I've got an amd a8 5800k oc @ 4.3ghz with an asus f2a55-m mobo and I have a corsair H60 for cooling the a8 but I seem to have a problem with the fan running 100% all the time
im trying to use asus fan Xpert to control the speed/temp ratio but it has no effect what so ever I should say as well im running windows 8 as the os. Have you guys any idea what I could do to control the speed as the noise is unbearable.
any help is greatly appreciated
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  1. Well you could buy a fan controller and attach the fan to it or just install the fan on to the motherboard and use speedfan to alter the RPM of the fan.
  2. Well I have the fan connected to the CPU connector on the mobo the pump for the h60 is connected from a permanent supply from the psu I've tried altering the speed in the bios and using the asus mobo software called fan Xpert I have also seperately tried speedfan too I can't understand why it can't adjust the voltage to the fan and cut down the speed and noise of the fan
  3. Have you considered the fan controller, it is much easier to use than a program for altering fan speeds. All you need to do is turn the controller knob to high or low to increase/decrease speeds and that causes the noise level to go down.

    Here is a controller for 1 fan:

    Also what do you mean the H60 is connected to a permanent power supply?
  4. The corsair H60 is a closed loop cooler there's a pump from the heatsink to a radiator thats got a permanent supply once power is on and then the fan from the radiator is connected to the CPU connection on the mobo.
    The only reason I'm reluctant to use a manual fan speed controller is I will have to monitor the temperatures myself then.
    The thing is I've seen asus fan Xpert work before but it was on windows 7 so I'm wondering is the os causing a problem
  5. Well there is not really a heatsink for a closed loop water cooler there is a radiator in its place. Anyways temperatures monitoring and fan controllers don't have any connection, the CPU will have its temperature reading regardless of a fan connected to the motherboard or not.

    Here is a guide to using speedfan:
  6. Sorry the waterblock . Im reluctant to use the fan controller cause everytime the temperature rises ill have to be watching to move the fan speed up I know the tempetures will still be monitored but ill have to look at the readings
  7. Well that makes sense it would be a nuisance to turn the knob every time when you start to do some gaming :lol:

    You should consider the speedfan program and watching the tutorial to change fan speed.
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