Is this a good way to find what is making my system freeze?

Hi, this is my first build and its been a little frustrating. It started freezing a few days after I built it. First I thought it was my video card so got a new one(needed to get a new one anyway) nothing changed. It would freeze a lot at the mobo logo screen right after turning it on or restarting it. It froze in bios once so I updated mobo drivers and bios no change. Then tried different ram still would freeze. Sometimes it would go days without freezing so all that took about 2 months. I think its down to the mobo or the cpu. The mobo is a asrock z77 pro3 and the cpu is a i5 2500k. I could buy a celeron g530 for $50 to test if its the mobo or the cpu. But I don't know if thats the best way to go could use a little advice.
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  1. I'm going through old posts to see if people still need help since only the newest ones get attention.....still seeking help/advice?
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