Help find a new gaming mouse please.

Hi could you please help me find a new gaming mouse? im open to any new ideas other than the 3 mice i already know of. Anyway my limit is around £30-£35 and the mice ive been looking at that ive been told are good are the logitech g400, logitech g500 and the sharkoon drakonia but i cant find any reviews of the sharkoon...not in english anyway. Ive read alot of good reviews about the g400 but im pretty strong and dont like light mice so i was hoping i could get a mouse with adjustable weights like the g500 but ive read about a lazer issue they are having and something to do with a screwed up scrolling button? Anyway will you please help me find a new mouse mine has recently started screwing up and i need a new one badly. BTW i play high spec games mostly FPS so i need whatever i get to be very responsive.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section i couldn't find a specific section for mice/keyboards
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  1. If I were you I would go with the G500 for a great low cost option. A more expensive option would be R.A.T 9, I have used both and neither of them will steer you wrong.
  2. or the sharkoon fireglider mouse
  3. Get an Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 - I know that here one can still find new ones for about $30. It's a classic mouse that performs better at that price point than pretty much anything but a $100 mouse.
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