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So i just built myself a new computer for the first time. Everything works fine except for when I'm playing games (I've only tried cs1.6 and Starcraft 2 so far) I get horizontal flickering lines moving up my monitor screens. I'm using two LG monitors, one Flatron W2241T and a Flatron E2241.

I have tried installing and reinstalling graphics card drivers, only using one monitor at a time, and I tried switching both monitors around in the two DVI ports on the graphics card. So far nothing has worked.

The wierd thing is... I hooked up an Acer AL1916 monitor that is being used on the crappy family computer and that monitor works completely fine. BOth the Flatrons that I am using on my new computer were working fine on my old rig. I find it hard to believe that BOTH monitors are broken.

I'm using a evga gtx 570... any ideas?
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  1. the w2241t is working on 1080p and the e2241 is working 1920 x 1080 ajust them at same resolution and put both of them at 60hz
  2. Changing the resolution doesn't do anything. Even when I'm only using one monitor it still shows the lines.
  3. could you post a picture of these line of find something similar on the net could be electrical interference try to put the power cable for the monitor farther of you video cable or card is not sync with monitor
  4. I dont believe its electrical interference, i tried using one of the monitors on the floor away from everything else and its still doing it.

    I installed my old ati radeon 5770 hd card and it is still showing lines, but not as noticeable as the GTX 570.
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    do you have another video cable for a test if this not working you got something with the motherboard pci-e socket try dust it off could be something in the slot
  6. It ended up being the vga cable... swapped it with another monitor. Thanks for the help.
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  8. Ok, so it actually wasn't the cables. I'm still having this problem. I tested my graphics card in another computer and it works fine. So i thought it was my motherboard. When i screwed in the backplate for my heatsink/fan (cooler master 212 plus) I saw some stuff that looked like glue coming out from underneath the Standoff screws for the heatsink.

    It looks like this:

    (^not my motherboard btw, found this picture on google.)

    So I figured I screwed up my motherboard by screwing the backplate on too tight. But when i took the heatsink and screws off, the motherboard seems to be alright except for a little bit of that glue residue stuck on the board. The glue looks like it's coming out from underneath the heatsink standoff screws. There is a little piece of insulating tape that sits between the screw and the motherboard.

    Is this normal?

    And also, would this cause these flickering lines on my monitors while gaming?


    Made a new topic in the motherboard section since this one says its Solved already.
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