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Hey guys,

I am really limited on money, I have 600 dollars and I want to upgrade my pc. I am currently moving in to a new room and I am going to be able to build it around my setup. I want to go with eyefinity. I currently have a 6870 and a acer 23inch monitor, I want to stay with the same monitors so I need 2 more. They are currently on sale at newegg for 150 each ,so that leaves 300 left. Like I said, I have a 6870 and it does not preform as high as I want it to, I mainly play dirt games and minecraft and sometimes shooters. What would be the best card for me to be able to play these games on ultra at no lower than 60 fps. I was thinking a 6950 and flashing it to a 6970 ( if it's still possible) would this be a good choice or is there a better card.

P.s. I am a amd fan And I don't mind free overkill

Hope u can help
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  1. Is it possible to just crossfire another 6870 with the motherboard you have ? That would be the best cost to performance increase you could do.
  2. I only have one pci expression my mobo
  3. Well to be honest, with a budget of $300 and since you currently already own a 6870 it puts you in a weird spot. You don't have enough money to get a performance increase that will really have that much of an effect on your system, especially if you're going to a triple monitor setup. I don't think you can buy 6950's that use the old firmware anymore, though I may be wrong on that, so you can't flash it to a 6970. Even a 6970 isn't going to be enough of a performance increase from a 6870 for eyefinity. You're gonna need more power.

    Your best bet would be to save up a bit more money and get a 7870, it is the best price/performance upgrade for you at this time. You can always sell your old card once you get your new one working too. But if this isn't an option than I would go with the 7850. It is roughly equivalent to a 6970 and a fair amount cheaper.

    Some prices for all the cards mentioned.

    6950 2gb @ 229.99 after MIR -

    7850 @ $259.99 -

    6970 @ 309.99 after MIR -

    7870 @ 359.99 -
  4. Xthealienatorx said:
    I only have one pci expression my mobo

    What about 6870+CF capable mobo?
    What is your current processor?
  5. Would 2 6870s be faster than a 7850 if I where to buy a new mobo
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