Intel with integrated graphics or without?

I'm planning on buying a i5 processor but am unsure about what to get. I also plan on buying a video card most likely a GTX 560, should I get a Processor with integrated graphics? I'm not sure if it will improve video gameplay or hinder it if it comes with the graphics or not. Can someone shed some light on this.
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    Well with all the CPUs I have dealt with integrated and discrete video cards do not work together unless you got hybrid crossfire or something like that but that's limited to AMD. Anyways if you do buy a GTX 560 you will not be hindered with the integrated GPU.

    Edit: Oh yes your new discrete video card will offer much better performance than the integrated one. I am sure you will be pleased with the performance difference in gaming.
  2. All the I5's have integrated graphics whether you want to use it or not. It will not affect gameplay.
  3. Will I get an overall better performance with a discrete video card and a plain processor without the IGP?
  4. Considering nearly every consumer level Intel CPU has an iGPU, you would have a hard time finding one without an iGPU anyway.

    In any case, the iGPU is a good thing, in case something ever happens to your dedicated card, so you won't be without a computer while trying to RMA/replace the dedicated card.

    And no, it's no hindrance at all to performance. With a dedicated card, the iGPU is completely dormant and turned off, anyway (unless you force it on in the BIOS for Virtu or multi-monitor use).

    Edit: Again, no decreased performance with an iGPU using a dedicated card. Just forget about it even being there. You won't ever know.
  5. I guess there is one more question, according to newegg, there is no Hyper-threading support on the i5 processors I was looking at. Does this mean it can't HT at all or does it have something completely different to make up for it?
  6. The HT is on the I7 so it can handle 8 threads at a time the I5 is only capable of 4.
  7. No current gen desktop i5's have HT, and it's nothing you need to worry about for gaming, anyway.

    HT is actually detrimental in some games... That's why most of us recommend the i5's over the i7's for gaming purposes.
  8. Alright great, this makes decisions much easier to make. Considering the processors without the IGP are a little bit pricier.
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