Weird problem! HELPS

Hi, I''ve recently purchased an ATI Radeon HD 5450 1gb graphics card:

and put it in my manufactured computer:

After doing so and starting up the computer, it makes 4-7 beeps (varies everytime I turn it on). At first it worked fine to where I can play Dota 2, Dead Island, etc. The next couple of days I turn on my computer, it does the beeps, and my screen don't work. So I switch my screen cord to the onboard graphics card and the screen works. I've done hours of research and people say to disable the onboard one and go into Bios to make it check the PCI-E slot. I've done that multiple times and no go... So then I assumed that it was the graphics card itself and I go to my friends house to test it, and it works just fine w/o beeps (he has a 230 watt power supply while mine is 250 watts)... -_- The next day I turn on the computer and have the screen hooked onto my graphics card, beeps, then it works... The next time I turn it on, the screen doesn't work, but it'll work for the onboard one... I don't understand what the issue really is. I even checked the PCI-E slots to see if any pins were damaged or out of alignment (which weren't). I'm stumbled on why this happens to my computer, but not my friends. I'd also like to say that my computer is newer/better than my friends older computer and before purchasing the video card, my computer would start up fine w/o the beeps. The beeps happened after I inserted the video card (no beeps once I remove the card). Any help would be GREATLY appreciated since I'm a noob at computers. Thanks in advance!
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  1. I am going to say that it is your power supply and I know you tried it at your friends house but unless he has to have the exact same power supply in order to say it's not the power supply. All psu's are not created equal and his could have more amps on the +12v rail. I think if you replace yout power supply with a 300w or 400w psu then your problem will go away.
    When starting up the computer you are supposed to get one beep and if you get more than one then it's the bios trying to tell you that something is wrong.
  2. But then why would it work at random start ups and then not work other start ups? Could it still be the possibility of the power supply? I've also read this on some other forum where someone said that the ATI Radeon 5xxx series have issues with his motherboard (which is the same one as mine) and when he put a 4xxx series in it, it ran fine. Could it be that certain series aren't compatible with the motherboard?

    *I just received a text from my friend saying that his amps were less than mine*

    BTW. Thanks for replying to my post inzone. Your help/assistance is greatly appreciated =d
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