Text looks awful with Nvidia 480 - not a cleartype problem

Hey guys,

I recently built a new rig and I'm using a new video card - Nvidia 480. On the video card end it's connected with DVI and on the monitor it's connected with HDMI. I had a converter cable because my monitor doesn't have DVI and my previous computer didn't have HDMI. The monitor is a Sceptre X24BV-FHD and has a ATSC tuner. I think that's the culprit.

The problem:
The text looks overly sharp and pixelated. It's hard to read. BUT if I play a video game it works fine. The screen is too far zoomed in when set to 1080, which is what the monitor natively supports. I fixed that with the Nvidia control panel, though.

What I've tried:
I'm currently using the latest driver: 296.10 I've tried adjusting the cleartype settings. The cable *should* be OK because I used it two days ago. I've tried adjusting all of the monitor settings I can... nothing has fixed it yet. There is a generic driver for the monitor, but that's what it was on the old rig also. If I take a screenshot to post on here, everything looks correct. So, I think the video card is sending the correct information and the monitor is goofing. But I understand it can be caused by EDID flags the monitor is setting.

Does anybody have any ideas?


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  1. It is possible that the cable can cause some quality degradation in 2D when not gaming but I think that you are right about the tuner in the TV/monitor. I don't like using TVs as monitors for a reason.
  2. Do you have a different cable to test? Or perhaps a DVI to HDMI adapter and a standard HDMI cable combination?
  3. My previous computer didn't exhibit this problem. I used an Nvidia 8600 GT. Still using Windows 7.
  4. nbelote said:
    Do you have a different cable to test? Or perhaps a DVI to HDMI adapter and a standard HDMI cable combination?

    I can try a DVI to VGA and see if that fixes it, but I'm not sure if that will cause any trouble with HDCP or not when I watch Blue-ray movies on it. I'll order HDMI Mini to HDMI from Monoprice and hopefully that fixes it... but I don't think it will.
  5. Yes that cable will cause HDCP compliance issues.

    Whatever you do, set the old cable aside entirely and try something different, even if it is another branded DVI to HDMI cable you pick up on Amazon for a couple bucks.

    My suggestion stands, though, with the DVI to HDMI adapter and using a male/male HDMI cable. I have had the best success with those (I am using that configuration now to do the reverse of what you're doing).
  6. Well, I ordered a DVI to HDMI adapter and a Mini-HDMI to HDMI from Monoprice. Hopefully one of the two work! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll post my results at the end of the week when they arrive.
  7. Well, I tried the mini-HDMI to HDMI and that didn't fix it.
    I'm unable to try the HDMI-DVI external converter because my monitor doesn't have enough room in the back to attach it. It attaches upward toward the top of the monitor, not at the side or directly plugged in.

    Back to grabbing at straws... :-P
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