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Im trying to help a friend setup his 3 monitor display. We cant seem to get more then two monitors working... I can swap in-between monitors all day long, so they all work fine, and all the connectors seem to be working... But It just will not display more then two at once, here is a link showing what happens when I try to enable a third.


In 1080p so you can see all the settings and error message.
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  1. How are the monitors connected? What gpu? For eyefinity you really need to connect your 3rd monitor via displayport 'ACTIVE' adapter. There's one person in here that claims to have gotten eyefinity to work with passive adapters, but no word on how he did it. So until I find a way with passive adapters, I will recommend active.

    A list of approved dongles in this link;

    Worth a read is this 'how to' guide by hugostiglitz;

    Good luck.
  2. From the video it looked like the 3rd monitor was a lower res is this true? If so all three monitors must be the same resolution or you will not be able to do Eyefinity. And as the person above me said you need at least on monitor on a DisplayPort or Active DisplayPort adapter.
  3. ok, sorry, ill have to ask him what type of adapter... I know We used 2x mini display, 1x HDMI, and 1x DVI.


    Says it supports 4x monitors
  4. He just told me he bought a Mini display adapter made by apple... Yah he doesn't know how fail Apple corp is.. so after yelling at him Ill be ordering some off newegg...

    Update soon to come!
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