What do you guys think? Need help!

I am not sure on what case to get, I am thinking the Sharkoon Tauron, Areocool Blackhawk or The Cooler Master Storm enforcer or scout. What are your thoughts? I like the Blackhawk the best but I am not sure.

Also I am not sure on a PSU, I want to be able to crossfire 7970s on an Asrock Z77 Extreme4, with an i5 3570k overclocked( Not sure how much though but over 4 GHz) and a Noctua DH14 cpu cooler. Any recommendations? Will the cooler and GPU fit in the case?

Bit of a noob sorry.
Help is greatly appreciated,
Tom :)
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  1. Well since you were asking for personal opinions based on looks I like the Sharkoon Tauron and the Storm Enforcer. Anyways apart from my pointless opinion on the computer cases :lol: I would say for dual 7970's get a Corsair HX 850. Anyways if you don't like that then stick to Antec, XFX, Seasonic, PC power and cooling, OCZ or top quality brands.

    Here is a link to the HX 850:

    Would be better if you posted your entire build so I can do a rough calculation of how many watts you need.
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