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I bought a brand new computer from ibuypower and the second day i had it my liquid cooling spilled on my GPU. I checked all the screws on the CPU block and they were a bit loose from shipping so i tightened them all. I called the company and they sent me a new GPU right away, THANKFULLY. Now it has been about a week and just today i had a small leak. This happened right after i put it in to sleep mode is that just a coincedence because the first time it happened I have no idea what caused it. I have ASETEK liquid CPU cooling with dual high performance silent upgrade for my fans. PLEASE HELP
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  1. And this is why you don't buy closed circuit liquid coolers - an equally price Noctua would cool better and NOT ruin your parts.

    That being said, what exactly is your problem? I'm confused what we're trying to fix.
  2. Its a prebuilt system, send it in for repairs if its leaking. Doing anything else might void the warranty. Sadly most times when buying prebuilt systems you don't get the luxury of poking around inside them and fixing things yourself without voiding some warranty.

    Probably have to ship the WHOLE pc back which really is a shame. This is assuming its leaking.
  3. +1^ I would assume its the tubing that is leaking, it was unwise for the manufacturer to send you a new video card when the problem will most likely repeat itself. I say the flaw is in the water cooling unit. Anyways did you have to return the old video card that was spilled? If not may want to salvage it or try to repair it by cleaning out the coolant spilled on it.
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