Gtx 670 outperforming a gtx 680?

Hi there guys. I recently found out this :

To be staright according to that benchmark the gtx 670 will be the same as a gtx 680, it could even perform better in non reference versions. There's a bunch of reasons this could be happening, but the thing is I'd like to know what you guys think.

In my case I've 2 theories:
1st The benchmark is a plot due to the site's rivality to nvidia and they are trying to create a market panic so nvidia loses a lot of money until the real gtx 670 is released. 2nd: It's all true, either the 680 driver is holding it back or we bought the gtx 670 ti (thinking it was a gtx 680) . Yet it is too soon to know but it's creating panic everywhere (exagerating :P )
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    maybe that disabled core wasn't disabled properly, AND it only failed Nvidia's tests because it was on overdrive, NOT defective XD

    yes, a lot of maybes lol
  2. At the end the card is close in performance but it will only overpass a 680 with a serious overclock (same as the 570 did with the stock 580) but of course if you do the same with the 680 it will be far ahead from it. Thanks man!
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