HD 7770 in crossfire 1st time wont fully shut off

I have installed two oc hd 7770's after downloading the catalyst board as required, the screen and periphals shut down but the tower requires a hard shut down to turn off. Any ideas? All I have on my system is pc mechanic total care, antec kuhler dashboard, my mouse razor abyssus driver and the asus mobo drivers.,Please help if any ideas
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  1. Things to try:

    1. Update BIOS
    2. In Windows power settings "Choose what pushing the power button does"
    3. Remove CMOS battery - put it back in - did that fix it?
    4. Does it shutdown properly in safe mode?
    5. Update Drivers
    6. Google it
  2. I can restore back to before the catalyst and it shuts down normally. The monitor is running with microsoft utility driver during the time where everything shuts off normally.I will try these steps, my bios is the latest I beleive but ill check if i can figure that out properly...thanks I updated the bios via chip from asus,( crosshair V ) so i think its good...
  3. The system starts to have an issue immediately after installing the latest catalyst driver from amd with the cross fire bridge and no drivers other than the basic microsoft utility driver before installation of the ccc w/ driver assist included. I can not seem to find the combined hd 7770 w/ crossfire active singular driver that i can try and install singularly to run alone w/o ccc, so i removed one card and am installing the driver for the single card off of disk included w/ vid card. I will check this configuration out for a while and experiment from there...
  4. amd accelerated video transcoding device, as of now its unchecked, can i erase it , anybody know?
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