What PSU do you Reccomend?

This is the link to my future system. Please give me a PSU between $50-$100
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  1. More than enough for your current list, and modular...

    If you intend to add another card later...
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    Well if you won't overclock then this power supply will do fine.

    Though I know you will overclock since it does have the K next to the CPU model. So here are better choices compared to the Antec Neo 400 watts:

    Have no doubt that Z1NONLY has posted exceptional power supplies, I just posted lower wattages for these power supplies since I believe you don't need all the excess wattage. The HD 7850 generally needs 24 amps on a combined 12v rail.

    Edit: Haha, just realized bigcyco posted 2/3 same power supplies :lol: will re-do my list to include others. Goes to show how good those power supplies are if people are selecting the same ones.

    New list

    On a side note, if you do plan on overclocking make sure you get a nice cooler. Also I am a bit leery about the Biostar motherboard. Don't like Biostar that much not too reliable, might want to re-select the motherboard, choose ASrock or Asus.
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