HD6850 temp problem

Hi Everyone,

I am having problem with HD6850. It is currently connected to 32" LCD.

At idle it stays at 61C. when stressed with furmark it goes all the way to 85C.

I checked with MSI Afterburner and GPU-Z and it seems the problem because memory core does not throttle down even when idle. It just stay at 1000 mem core and 600core clock (down from 775). vCore stays at 1.1V regardless of activity.

I tried to uninstall Afterburner and use Trixx instead and it allows me to drop down a little bit but when looking at GPU-Z, it revert back to 600clock, 1000memcore and 1.1v instantly.

I tried with Overdrive and it seems only it only manage to lower the memcore to 500 (thus lower down the temp a bit) but no luck with core clock and voltage.

Can anybody please provide me some insight here?
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  1. I managed to drop the core and memcore to 100/150@0.95v which brings the idle temp down to acceptable 42-44C. For those having this problem this is how I did it.

    1. Uninstall any GPU overclock tool you might have e.g.: CCC, Trixx, Afterburner, etc.

    2. Download ATI Tray tool, set the allowed maximum downclock to 90% (to aim for 100/150 in my case, find out your GPU idle clock).

    3. After setting max download, you should be able to hit your target core, dont forget to select lowest voltage as well, tick "include in profile", and save the profile as Idle. You can also setup fan speed if you would like before saving.

    4. Do the same for Gaming profile except aim for the max core so you can switch profiles easily.

    I now idle at 42-44C ide and 76-78C when playing Risen2: Dark Water as tested yesterday with 850Core and 1080MemCore@1.150v(will try 1.10v tonight to lower gaming temp).

    It would be nice if somebody can advice me how to deal with this throtle thingy automatically if possible.

  2. The card can take 85C pretty easy and be fine. But let me ask, is this at 100% fan speed? How hot is the room you were in during the testing? If the fan wasn't at 100% and the card is at 85C in furmark, your fine. Furmark will make the card insanely hot, the card wont run that hot in most games.

    85C to me is too hot, but the cards are able to handle it, 100C+ is when the card should shut down the system, Does the card have the stock cooler, or is there an aftermarket cooler on it?
  3. The card is tested with gaming on normal room ambient (its close to summer here) and around 65% fan speed.

    I just changed the card cooler with ex 4890 4 heatpipes GPU cooler (I suppose since 4890 run higher watt during load, 6850 should be fine, right?).

    My other question is, I will try to set 1.1 or 1.0v during gaming clock (assuming its stable) is it going to be okay for the card in long run?

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