Troubleshoot Tenda router problems

Hi there...I just recently bought a Tenda router model W316R and followed all the steps in setting the device. The device is now visible but when we tried to connect to it, it says it has limited access. I'm using Smart Bro so I'm not sure if it has something to do with my Internet Service Provider.

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  1. Hi, similar problem with me as well. I bought Tenda W316R router, the problem is in its firmware. thanks to F*kd up tenda company, it keeps on resetting its saved settings. Each time i bring my ISP guy, he changes is and device automatically loses its saved settings.

    Even with saved settings, its signals keeps on breaking after regular interval of time. I'm seriously thinking to return it back or throw it out of my home. Technology is said to be helpful, if not at least not painful to ruin the life of unfortunate customers of companies like tenda.
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