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ok, i would like to know what the cheapest AMD system i can build, but will still deliver ultra settings on BF3, no triple monitors, one single monitor, ATX or Micro ATX is fine, but i would like to have the fx-8350 in this build

Please and thank you!!!! :D
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  1. Why AMD? Why the FX-8350?
  2. Because i didn't get paid and cant afford to build with intel :(
  3. The you probably won't be able to do ultra.
    What is the resolution?
  4. Don't suffice for less because of your impatience. Wait, and save your money. . . . . . .
  5. Hi :)

    Ultra in BF3 is about two things... a very fast Multicore cpu and a massively expensive graphics card...

    If you can find one (hard to find and not cheap) get an AMD 1100T BE and a BIG CARD.... 7970 OR UPWARDS...

    All the best Brett :)
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