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November 8, 2012 11:29:07 PM

Ok so this is what I am looking to build.
Wanting to build a HTPC(Home Theater PC) in a price range of $500-$900.
Also will be looking at getting a wide screen tv 60-70". No 3D crap, I don't think those have matured enough.

So first on the HTPC:
OS= windows 7... I think that would be the best for Windows Media Center
CPU=4 core
Hard Drive= 2TB I think that is the sweet spot cause the 1TB is not much cheaper and the 3TB is pricey.
Motherboard w/ Optical= Have not decided either for the fact of onboard sound. Usually a soundcard is better unless you can get a good motherboard with great sound.
Sound card = depends on motherboard
Case= A good decent HTPC case
Media Remote= ?
Video Card= Most ppl say the AMD cards are better for HTPC. What would be a good card for this?

This is for an elderly couple who like to watch movies, no gaming(of course not) LOL.

So what do you guys think would be a good build?

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Best solution

November 9, 2012 5:35:16 AM

Here are my suggestions for you. htpc's don't need to be expensive.

AMD's A8-5500 APU:
A10-5700 APU: will be perfect for an HTPC, especially since it's just move watching. Do they like or plan to watch blue ray? Might have to get a good blue-ray optical drive then. denotes windows 8 compatibility.
It seems windows 7 is still best for HTPC.

Yes windows 7 is better since windows 8 doesn't have blueray compatibility in it it's media-center without 3rd party software. Or even dvd playback for it's media player. Media Player classic is free works for both though. (it should be able to play blueray..) Realplayer works as well. And other software..

I think this would be a good case:
Cheap, but good for HTPC. Have to clean it of dust at least once a month like any computer..

4gb ram is fine for a htpc. If that htpc will be a hand me down though to someone in the future, maybe 8gb.. lol
Heres a good ram: Cheap too.

No clue about sound cards. I've heard it's subjective. They generally do sound better, if you get a good one, but it takes a good sound system to use them well. (continued in motherboard section of post lolo)

Western digital hardrives appear to be on sale right now, so you're in luck..
Here is a cheap one:
A better one:
The 2tb version of ^ one:
WD black has good reviews but is expensive..

And here's another one of a different version, looks good for a htpc (lower power, made for 24/7 use):

Here's a cheap (but slower) 2TB hard drive that uses low power:

wow.. so many hard drives to choose from xO

Media remote is a question mark for me too. I dunno about that.

Do you need a Tv Tuner? So you can record or watch TV and use computer like a DVR?

For your motherboard do you need USB 3.0? If so then you should get a mother board with a chipset of at least A75 for FM2. It has usb 3.0 built in.

This looks like a good motherboard:
As for the connections you need to make your system happen, I don't know what you need (lol). This does have an HDMI input though, big TVs should have that as well.
As for it's onboard audio here is a thread about it:
It seems like it has good sound.

Here is a thread about sound cards though:
They beg to differ lol xonar and asus I guess for sound cards. Annoying software is annoying..?

If you choose these:
It will cost you $368.
A good sound card is probably, $20-40. And you could get a better CPU cooler for $20-40 so that temps aren't a worry. A bigger case for $20-40 more maybe. And the better APU for $20 more of course. A good blueray drive can cost $50-70. Regular dvd write/rewrite drives can cost as low as $20.

You might also need better thermal paste:

Since the price is low you might be able to afford an SSD to put windows on. It will speed up daily activity. Movies would be loaded and stored from the HDD though. (if digital movies) ($100-130 for samgsung 830 126Gb)

You can buy windows 7 home oem
Or this a 3 pack "family upgrade":

Thats all I can think of right now. harhar

Edit: thought of something else to add
November 30, 2012 1:12:49 AM

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