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Hello I was just wondering, where do you guys think is the best place to order custom PCs from? Basically best price for performance. I have looked at Newegg and NCIX, both seem alright, but I was wondering if there were others that I don't know about. I am looking for a 'powerful' budget gaming rig for now.

If you guys could just list some other ones you like that would be great!

PS. not sure if this should be in this forum section...
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  1. some people use cyberpowerpc, others use sites like ibuypower. though on this forum, most people will recommend building one yourself because at least you know what you are getting and not overpay for anything.
  2. I was planning on building my own PC, but I came to the realization that I have no building experience and I will probably just screw it all up :(
  3. xBUNx said:
    I was planning on building my own PC, but I came to the realization that I have no building experience and I will probably just screw it all up :(

    the actual building process is really straight forward and the only way you can possibly mess up is due to static or failure to follow the instructions for installation that is given to you for the motherboard/case.
  4. I went to the customer service rep helped me build my computer cause all I knew was I wanted it to play Diablo 3 on highest settings lol. I got a really good deal on my PC and I'm happy with it. I would definitely check it out maybe talk to a rep on the live chat and see what they can do for you.
  5. Budget-wise HP is probably the best. You can customize to get exactly what you want. The asus comps on the bestbuy site are pretty good too. Don't look in the gaming section on the HP website though. Look under high performance. Just add the graphics card separate from like newegg or something. Also make sure if you're getting an aftermarket graphics card the powersupplies will handle the extra wattage.
  6. If you're sketchy about building your own computer newegg has a 3 part youtube video that goes in depth into how to assemble them.

    1st you pick what processor you want. Then build your pc around that. Once you find a processor find what socket motherboard you need. It should be easy to find what socket your processor is with a quick google search. Actually the asus motherboards I was looking at are compatible with most of the 2nd and 3rd gen i7 processors. Then third match your ram to your processor and motherboard. Finally make sure to get a powersupply that will meet your requirements. Good to have a little bit of overhead as it doesn't cost much. I think the rest of the parts you need to buy are just preference. They have pretty good standards set in place so everything works together.

    This is a good tutorial and they explain it better than I do. If you feel like taking the leap.
  7. Build it yourself. its easy, cheaper, and fun. toms has all the info you need, including part selection, step by step build guides, troubleshooting, and the forums if you need answers
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