Computer Freezing Randomly - Quite Often - Desktop Pop Spill

So my dad was messing around with my computer and spilled some Dr Pepper over the top of my desktop (Motherboard is mounted vertically, so it really only hit the PSU/bottom of my 6870. I dont think pop got inside of it, but it hit the circuits on the bottom (or top, cuz the gfx card is mounted upside down).

Its an XFX 6870, so I have a lifetime warranty, so hopefully I can just exchange it.

What other problems could cause random freezes? My audio works most of the time.

EDIT: Also, I wiped both of my hard drives and reinstalled windows. (Not detecting my secondary hard drive now though, also a problem, please comment)
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  1. Should I just send my gfx card in?
  2. Bump ^_^
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