DVD and HDD not showing up (sometimes)

Finally got my new build up and running (only took 3 motherboards before I got a working one.)

Anyways, first time I booted up it didn't recognize my DVD drive or my second HDD under My Computer. However, whenever I put in the DVDs for my motherboard and GPU drivers, the DVD drive worked fine (still not showing up under My Computer though.)

After I installed those drivers, I turned the computer off. Made sure the connections were good for all 3 of my drives. Booted up and walah, everything was showing up.

Now today...they're missing again! I can't figure it out. Whenever I goto manage under my computer and see if they're showing up there, they're not. Only my C Drive (That has the OS installed on it.)

Any ideas? o_O

Also, I have noticed my computer has issues coming out of sleep mode. It kinda lags a bit before waking up. (like around 20 seconds)

Thinking about the sleep thing, I put my computer to sleep and woke it up (exactly 20 seconds, hah, how good I am) and my drives are back. What the!?! Wonder what kind of nightmares this thing is having.
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  1. did you make sure your new mb had the newest bios?? was the hard drive pre installed with an os or a clean install.
    if it had windows then your having issues with the older drivers and windows and the new mb. I would try booting in safe mode and remove all the drivers under windows system then rebooting and installing the newest mb chipset drivers.
    if it still has issue i would back your data up and do a clean install of windows.
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