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Hi, i have a doubt buying in nvidia gtx 285. Do i need to provide any external power supply like cooler master or ocz. If yes which one to go either 500w/1000w im new to this plss help me out in this.

Processor intel i7 2600k
motherboard intel dq67sw
Corsair vengeance(4*4) 16gb RAM
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  1. no, please don't buy it, it is an outdated card, so much sucking power and heat problems. Go with a newer card. Whats your budget.
  2. Well im getting this card for 7500inr and my budget is 10000inr and for any other card also do i need that kind of power supply as asked above
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    get the hd 6850, will cost you arround 9000 inr, for power suply, get a corcair cx 430v2 or a seasonic s2 430w
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