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Setting up my case

Hey everyone, I have got my computer build together and now plan on looking into setting up my case for optimal airflow and such.

My case is a Rosewill Challener

My build is
z77x-UD3H gigabyte mobo
g skill 4g
7950 Gigabyte GPU.

I am currently using all of the stock fans that come with the case and this CPU cooler Enermax ETS-T40 T.B.SILENCE CPU Cooler

Now here is what I plan on doing. First of all I will be replacing the noise fan in my PSU (Rosewill D600 stallion edition) with a better one. But I also want to add another 140mm into the 5.25 x3 bays on the front.

My real question is should I cover the holes in my side panel? Will this create a better airflow coming from the front then exhausting out the top/back of my case? Also would it be worth replacing the fans that came with the case. They seem to work fairly well as it is.

I don't have the option of mounting a side fan because my CPU cooler is massive and barely fits as it is. I could mount a fan on the outside of the case, but it would look kind of ghetto xD.
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    Unfortunately, I am not too sure if your case will be compatible with a 140MM fan. I've owned a Rosewill Blackbone in the future (brother has it now) and it only has a mount for a 120MM fan.

    From my personal experience, covering the holes in the side won't provide better airflow, but will make your internal ambient temperatures a little bit hotter :) I would just leave it as is! (Though, you might want to cover it up with a bit of mesh..I remember this was my primary intake of dust when I used the Blackbone :lol:
  2. Yeah as far as a mount go I will end up just using DIY stuff. I know it fits it is just a matter of setting it up right. I measured and I have about 149-150mm of width.
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