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Hi there! OK so due to cold weather my CPU fan has a little bit of a slow start up, by the time it gets up and running it's fine. However the censor comes on and shuts the comp down with a CPU fan error: "CPU fan has Failed. Powering Down System. Have PC system serviced to prevent damage to CPU". Now, I know how to bypass the sensor and in the past have had a separate monitor that worked fine in a situation like this one but I've run into an issue I never have before with this particular computer. It is an HP Pavilion S5610Y with the most current BIOS update. Ok, down to the issue: When I go into the BIOS and go through the menu's There is no "hardware Manager" or anything like it or anything that locate's the CPU Fan Sensor... I went to where it normally is and then explored the other tabs and every option looking into submenus but it's not there (and usually it is under the advanced menu). Any Ideas? Thanks!!!
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  1. Might want to check a manual from your motherboard maker.

    This is an OEM PC, so HP might have locked out your ability to edit that in the BIOS. OEM PC makers are known for doing stupid stuff like that.
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