EAH6670/DPI/1gd5 xfire x2 How much RAM do I need?

Running a 6770 x2 with xfire getting a blue screen error! Is it RAM?

System is a AMD Phenom II x4 955 4GB Ram with 420 GB Free PHD. Why am I getting blue screen?
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  1. You are running two 6770's in Crossfire and your screen is blue? when does it turn blue when you first boot or what? Need more info as to what you have done so far.

    Are the 6 pin connecters plug into both cards from your PSU? Is your blue screen have any type of words on it? So lets start with when you first turn on your rig. Run us through the events leading up to the blue screen.

    This way we can start with the troubleshooting. But I will leave you with the the Memtest 86+ so you can check your ram if you think it is the problem. Good luck.
  2. Figured out the Ram is not big enough only have 2x 2gb at 1333 I need 2x4gb at 1600 because the system will naturally overclock. Blue screen was a screen dump and the bios needed to be reset. Have ordered some Corsair vvengence 2x4 at 1600 which is the max I can run on this Motherboard. Meanwhile its sweet on my 2 old 3870's with xfire. Put the 2 6770 back in the box until I can max the ram. Thanks
  3. Your welcome and I wish you good luck and if you have any more problems when you get the new ram please let us know.
  4. Will do thanks everyone for your help. I will try switching over on the weekend when I have more time and patience and see what happens. Thanks
  5. Everything is working on just 4gb of ram so at least my hardware is all new now. Not much more power than the 3870's. Thanks everyone.
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    Glad to hear that and you are very welcome. Cheers
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