Radeon HD 7850 Resolution Scaling

I recently bought parts and assembled a new system, and it has a Radeon HD 7850 with an ASUS MS226H monitor. My question is about the odd scaling preferences it has depending on in-game resolution, and I can't seem to change it through Catalyst Control Center. For example, in Descent 3, which doesn't have an option for 1920x1080, I go with the highest available, which is 1600-something x 1200. The render window is scaled at less than fullscreen, with spaces about an inch wide between the render window & the edge of the screen, and it's stretched as well. When selecting smaller 4:3 resolutions, it's going into normal fullscreen, stretching everything instead of putting it at actual 4:3 with black bars only on the sides, which my other computer does with the same monitor just fine (and it also uses CCC). This happens in other games as well whenever I select a resolution that isn't exactly 1920x1080, which is the native resolution of the monitor.

So what can I do to prevent my card from performing this unwanted scaling (the black bars around the entire render window), and prevent resolutions from being stretched to display at improper aspect ratios?
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  1. ...anyone? Is there really no one here that knows anything about this issue?
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