I7 930 and MSI X58 PRO E info

Hello everyone
I need ur input on few things about my CPU and Mboard.
I'm Running a
CPU i7 930
MBoard MSI X58pro E
Ram: 24gigs DDr3 1333

I noticed on intel site my CPU DIM is set at 4.8GT/s and it Integrated Memory Controller Speed is set to be 800 or 1068.

My Mboard on the other hand DIM can run as high as 6.8GT/s and memory speeds of up to 1600.

What I want to know. is it possible to have my CPU DIM run at 6.8GT/s and it memory speed set @ 1333.

Those features are available on my Mboard. What I don't understand is by enabling them on my Mboard does it mean my CPU isactually running at those speed or are they simply on but my CPU is instead running at its stock 4.8gt/s and 1068 memory clock speed...please help me
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  1. Many boards will down clock ram if all slots full. You can try going to BIOS and up your ram speed so it runs 1333 but I suggest you check your manual first. http://www.msi.com/product/mb/X58-Pro-E.html#?div=Basic
  2. thanks alot I'm checking now
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