Computer will not detect LCD monitor but detects TV

I rearranged my living room so I had to unplug my computer. I plugged everything back in including my Sony 46" LCD and my Samsung 21.5" monitor. Everything booted up properly and the Samsung was my main display. I decided I was going to update my video drivers so I went to nvidia and it did the auto detect graphics option. My monitor lost signal. I rebooted and tried both DVI outputs but it would not display on my monitor. I tried my Sony LCD TV which is connected via DVI to HDMI cable and the computer displays fine. I tried clearing the CMOS, removing mobo battery, reseeding the video card, and booting with 1 stick of RAM. When I go into screen resolution settings it detects my Sony TV but when I click auto detect it says no display detected. My monitor is connected to my video card via DVI to DVI cable. Any suggestions on how to get my video card to detect my LCD monitor?


AMD Phenom X2 940
G.Skill 4GB DDR2
MSI Twin Frozer GTX 560ti 448 core
Samsung 21.5" LCD Monitor
Sony Bravia 46" LCD
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  1. I don't have an nvidia card, but it sounds like it's the new drivers. Try uninstalling them and reinstalling your old version.
  2. Right click desktop>screen resolution, make sure display is set to "duplicate".
  3. I unistalled the video drivers and reinstalled them and I still couldn't get the monitor to work. Duplicate is enabled but my monitor is not detected.
  4. I can't duplicate the display actually because their is no 2nd display detected. I swaped out my DVI to HDMI cord from my TV and tried it on the monitor, that didn't work either.
  5. Try hot unplugging and reconnecting the 46". Windows should detect the TV display.
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