Black Light(uv) for pc lightning?

Hello, I have a liquid cooled pc with uv components and I want to light up my box. I was thinking 3 uv lights with dimensions...

12' x 1 inch

14' x 1' 5/8inch

18' x 2inches+

That is what lights can fit in my base maximum. the smaller the better. Anyone got any ideas?
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  1. I thought I would throw this in here - just something to note:
    UV light will not illuminate your case since UV is an invisible wavelength. It will however reflect off some things nicely (as you are no doubt aware) anything else will be black. I'm thinking you might want to throw a blue or purple CCT in there for those things not UV reactive/reflective
  2. I don't know about that C12, mine look pretty glowy to me :P

    not the brightest light to show off internals but they do provide a degree of light
  3. A little bit, yes. I only point it out because I've seen quite a few cases (pun) where people were disappointed in the effect, believing everything inside would somehow produce the surreal glow of UV that the reactive parts do. Truth be told here, I'm one of those and although I know better, it was quite discerning to look in my new, (suppose to be) pretty build and see a dark cavern with just a few things "glowing".
    BTW, I'm still trying to justify the expense of the Frozen Q res's. Your's really look cool
  4. That justifies it doesn't it? :P
    Thanks for the compliment though man, I was actually the other end of the scale,
    I had to learn to live with the light as this rig is lightless apart from a backlit custom panel I made to cover the hole left when I moved the top panel to the door,

    (shown there before the T's were fitted)
    and the Uv's that I wanted for the water purifying function,
    I went through hell for the resses, had to order them from F.q direct and import them lol, extra cost but once they were fitted it was a 'Oh yeaaah' moment
    **Edit Photobucket is being wierd today with my pics for some reason**
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