Cooler Master Seidon 120M Liquid CPU cooler

I bought one of these 3 days ago, installed it today.

CPU is incredibly cool. 4.3 GHz on a 2550k @ 51C under load.

HOWEVER (and this is a big HOWEVER):

There is an audible squeal from the pump. With a quiet room it sounds like a 6 year old playing one of those plastic flutes they give them in elementary school.

Heatsinks and coolers are the LAST thing I want to have to replace. Sigh. I'm going to give them another shot and see if they will replace this one with a quiet one. You guys will be the first to hear the verdict.
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  1. Update: I contacted Cooler Master, they responded pretty quick via Facebook.

    Me: "Hi, I bought the new Seidon liquid cooling unit a couple days ago, there is an audible high pitched whine coming from it. Is that typical? I intend on replacing it either way...

    Cooler Master: "Our first patch has issues with the pump. We've since updated it. Please RMA it. We're sure you'll be satisfied with the replacement."

    Again, I'll let you guys know what is going on. I suggest holding off on these til we get to the bottom of this.
  2. I assume since you have not posted in over a year it is going great? That or your PC exploded from overheating because it didn't go great? :P I am curious tho as i am planing on getting this cooler...
  3. I brought one of these a month or two ago it works flawlessly have had no problems with it at all great cooler highly recommend this product
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