Crossfire HD7770 or Single HD7850?

Hi, All
Needing suggestion on whether a Crossfire HD7770 OC edition or a single HD7850 would be better?

HD7770 - ($252)

HD7850 - ($390)

Mobo (ASRock Z77 Extreme4) -
(dual x8 pci.e crossfire)

it will be 110$ more expensive with 2xHd7770 OC edition
But i won't plan on buying both at the same time ~
I would save $130 from getting the 7770OC then the 7850.
but would crossfire the 7770 soon (don't want to completely empty out on wallet :D )

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  1. Dude... That's really expensive

    Get the 7850 :).
  2. 2x hd7770 is better 1X hd7770 is actually quite good but 2 is very good as they scale at
  3. thing is if you go for a crossfire, you will get more heat issues not that you get overheating but expect making a good airflow
  4. go for the crossfire 7770's

    the fps difference between a 7770 at 1200 core 1400 mem is 5 fps compared to reference clocks. So, with that, you can get nice 1100-1150 core and a 1300-1350 mem clocks with the card i linked, you will be only missing out on a few fps, but save money and get the best bang for the buck at that price point.
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