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Hi :)
I would just like to ask, would this computer be good for dual monitor multi tasking?
I'm debating on whether I should get the second or third one.

What I will be using this for would be gaming and browsing. I will be mostly be only playing DotA 2 and some Assassin's Creed. Will this computer be good if I want to play DotA 2 on one monitor and just browse the web on the other.

As you can see, there are some differences between the 2nd one and the 3rd one. I honestly don't know what is Hyper Threading nor do I know the difference between the RAM cards, where they say 1333 mhz and the other says 1600 mhz. I just want to know which will be better for what I want to do.

Oh, and I would like to stream me playing DotA 2, so do you think I should upgrade the Graphic card? And do answer all my questions above :) Please help :D

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  1. I would get the second one. The third one has hyperthreading, which is useless for games. There will be no real noticeable difference between 1333 Mhz RAM and 1600 Mhz RAM.

    If possible, I would upgrade the GPU to the 560 ti. Keep in mind the computer is a small computer, so space will be an issue. Research to see what size video card you can get to fit into it.
  2. What do you think about multi tasking and streaming? Good enough?
  3. as long as it has an i5 cpu or an i7 cpu it be fine for gaming and work. myself i dont like pre built system. there still dell just with a fancy case. to keep the price down they have to cut cost. most pre built have cheap mb and power supply's.
    it not hard putting a pc together..for a little more money then you posted you can get a whole lot better pc.
    take a look at new egg here in the us and any online computer stores you have there and see if you can build your own for about the same amount.
  4. I live in Malaysia first thing first. and I'm honestly not good in building computers. Thirdly, my dad is very cheap, he doesn't want to spend more then RM4000
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