Hello everyone,especially to the expert in gaming,i would like to know whether Nvidia Gtx 680 or Ati 7970 is the best???what is the compatible power supply watts and brand for these two graphic card???and one more thing i want to know what is the overclocking,please explain to me about these 3 aspects???I hope the expert of gaming could help me to choose the best graphic card???
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  1. Here, let me Google that for you.

    The GTX 680 is better out of the box, but the HD 7970 can be overlclocked a lot. You'll want a good 600w PSU to run either card.
  2. the hd 7970 is about 5-7% slower then gtx 680 and even less in price the gtx 680 is a good card but going for gtx 680 over hd 7970 doesnt make sense once you overclock the hd 7970 it can be compared to gtx 680 so save up some money and go for hd 7970 overclock it get full advantage of that card and get gtx 680 performance in advance lol....:)


    as said above 600w will be good enough:)

    read this u will understand what is overclocking.:)

  3. Quote:
    stay tuned because here comes the GTX 670 and it will be the OVERALL better buy..

  4. Both graphical powers are almost as good as each other. Only factor in your choice will rely on driver support and the games you would like to play.

    I suggest do some research and see if anyone has encountered problems and or fixes/workarounds with either company/card with the games you want to run properly.
  5. actually what is overclock????
  6. raja lelong said:
    actually what is overclock????

    read this you will understand what is overclocking.:)


  7. + 1 to jestermans view.

    Though the 670 might be worth the wait. It may turn our to 680 like (note like......) with OC, and would possibly retail 50 $ below the 7970 and 100 below the 680
  8. I suspect this will get out of hand fast. Perhaps a search of the forum threads for your answer may have been better, OP, as there are plenty of threads on the topic already.
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