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I purchased the Pioneer 106S DVD-ROM (bare drive) and I would like to find the software for this drive. I went to Pioneers site and found no download there. Anyone know where I can get a copy of the disk (software) that goes with this drive??

Also need software for a Mitsumi FDD, same deal, didn't see it at their site.

Thanks for you help!


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  1. There are no softwares for either hardware...if your talking about their Drivers, both uses Microsoft's drivers.

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  2. I was also annoyed to find my Pioneer didnt even come with a Dos driver disk. I've had a basic hunt round the web, and free/dodgy coppies of decoder software seem difficut to trace too. Certainly makes those 'expensive' store bought all in 1 options seem less so when I've now goto add the price of DVD software to my OEM drive.
  3. no probs with my 106S

    uninstall the old 52x cdrom hardware.
    turn off
    remove drive
    put in new one
    replace with ata66 ide cable
    make sure its detected in bios
    and off i went

    i got my dvd software with my Leadtek geforce2pro graphics card.

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  4. Finally have my new system up and running - well almost! I have a AMD 1.4 266MHz, 40GB IBM HD, 512MB of PC2100 DDR RAM, MSI K7T266 Pro MB, TDK 16/10/40 Velo CD-RW, Gainward GeForce 3 64MB Video Card and the Pioneer DVD 106S. Well the DVD won't play any CD's or DVD's. It will tell you what is on them (I am using Windows XP) but won't play any disks! Help!!! What should I do. I installed Microsoft drivers, should I use the Pioneer drivers???

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  5. I have a pioneer dvd 106s drive and I think it has died! I stick in a CD and all I here are these crunchy type noises, or like its scratching something, and then it spits the CD/DVD right back out. Any opinions or comments?
  6. tried deleting the drives from the hardware profile and reinstalling again?

    my 106S didnt need any special drivers.

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  7. yeah... ild say your drive is dead.
    those scratchy crunchy noises i only get with heavily damaged or scratched disks.

    hope its still under warantee. replace it

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