Inspiron 620 cpu upgrade

hello, i have a dell inspiron 620 with an i3-2120 cpu. i want to upgrade to an i5 or i7.
speccy says this is my motherboard - Dell Inc. 0GDG8Y

i dont know what i'm doing, but if its at all possible to upgrade i would like to.
i know laptops cpu's are soldered in, so i was wondering if mine might be?
i tried to look, but i couldn't even find the processor on my motherboard, as i dont know what i'm looking for.
sorry about the dumb question, i'm not good with computers, but i want to be able to make it run faster.

also, if anyone could give me any links to a good set of RAM, it states i can have 8gb max (2x4gb) but i always see stuff like 204-pin and 240-pin. and 1333 mhz, and 1600 mhz, and i don't know what my desktop can take.

i tried to watch a video about all this, put i just couldn't put the pieces together. the motherboard in the video didn't look like mine, and i didn't want to break anything.
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  1. ask to dell very clear
  2. i called dell to ask last night, and all that happened was they were trying to sell my their hard drives and technical support. i'm in college right now, and i can't afford to buy things, but i have been saving up for a few months in order to pay for a new cpu. i can't afford anything else, so that's why i came here.
  3. You have no clue what you are doing, I don't feel comfortable walking you through it. There is nothing on that motherboard that I have found (IE a cpu compatibility list). I would suggest talking to dell and see if they would be able to upgrade your CPU for a fee.

    What are you trying to do that an i3 isn't enough?

    Or you could take it to a shop that deals in things like this.
  4. well, i'm not sure if its even my cpu. it states its a dual core at 3.3ghz. i don't have a lot of time to myself, but when i do i like to play battlefield 3, and it lags all the time, it's very frustraiting. my brother plays that game minecraft on my computer, and it is very laggy, also. and i don't feel like a new-ish desktop should be having problems like this.

    like i said before, i came here for help. so if people are going to be rude i'll look elsewhere. yes, i have googled this, and no, i couldn't find anything.
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    Intel Core i3-2120 processor (3.30GHz with 3MB Cache)

    Intel Core i5-2320 processor (3.0GHz with 6MB Cache)

    Intel Pentium processor G630 (2.70GHz with 3MB Cache)

    Your CPU socket is LGA 1155, don't bother getting a K series since you can't overclock on a OEM board. The above CPUs should work.

    Here is the original link:

    Edit: I also believe this motherboard only supports Sandy Bridge, not Ivy Bridge so you may want to stay away from the 3570. Anyways might be wise performing a bios update if it is available prior to upgrading CPUs. The CPUs I have listed are only examples there are quite a few more, I just can't find the TDP of your motherboard to nail what kind of CPUs you can use.
  6. Dells website seems lacking when it comes to specs. It doesn't state what GPU you have. I assume its something low end, Various programs will tell you what gpu it is and what ram you have. (speccy, aidia64, etc) What settings are you playing BF3 at? and what res?

    A GPU upgrade might be more worth it than cpu tbh.

    Edit: Oh and I wasn't being rude, just saying I am not going to walk you through something and be held accountable for you not knowing what your doing and messing it up. read guides, watch videos, do whatever but before doing anything make sure you have enough understanding on the subject to not mess something up.
  7. uhh... kind of lost now is he asking for a GPU as well or just a CPU?
  8. He was asking for a CPU upgrade because of BF3 lagging, I boiled it down to what are his specs and what would give him the best upgrade. I noticed dell didn't have a GPU listed so I assumed integrated.

    But uh, if he has a decent video card you can effectively ignore my previous post.
  9. ^ Makes more sense, you do raise a good point. A video card is just as important as a CPU when it comes for gaming as well. I bet he is using some integrated video card which is not meant for gaming really. Anyways to the OP if you do plan on upgrading your video you will probably need to upgrade the power supply, the inspiron 620 comes with a 300 watt power supply which is not enough for most video cards.
  10. Well I would recommend the HD 7770 as a good starting point for a video card, it has low power consumption and offers great performance based on its wattage and price.
  11. Well, we don't know how much power his PSU can putout. If possible OP would you please open up the case and tell us the amps on the 12v rail, make/model number might help aswell.

    Though dell PSUs are usually halfway decent.
  12. Chances are if he wants a decent video card he's going need to replace it.
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