Overview of my 3570k build / help with mechanical keyboard selection

Hello, my names Ryan and,
Im currently trying to piece parts to together for my new PC witch will be strictly for gaming I have narrowed most parts down but would like someones input on my system.

I wont be able to link anything writing this via android my last PC crashed about a month ago an outdated HP g70us

Parts to include all besides mouse
SLI-in the future

Gpu-Asus direct II 670
Mobo- undecided
Ram- corsair vengeance 2x4
Hdd- 1tb WD Caviar black
Ssd- will get a budget 90gb from slickdeals posting
Psu- TX 750 watt 80 plus bronze
Cooling- H100 closed loop watercooling
Os- Win 7
Monitor - 2560 x 1400 Catleap tempered glass
Keyboard- I know im getting a mechanical keyboard with cherry black switches but im undecided between a
DAS S ninja, Ducky shine or 6g from steelseries if any one could give me some personal experience from using these I would appreciate it.

-Ryan thanks for any help that can be provided
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  1. Forgot to list my case - Switch 810 matte black
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    if you plan on playing at 2560x1400 resolution, the slightly more expensive 7970 will do a better job at it, as amd cards performance curves shoot up when it goes past 1980x1080 and beyond. though the gtx 670 is still a good card as well, as it is 50-80$ cheaper

    the build at a whole is entirely fine and will work though.
  3. Dont get a liquid cooler. The Noctua NH-D14 is cheaper and beats it. For mono, get the ASRock Extreme 4. I agree, the 7970 is a lot better at high res than nvidia cards.
  4. Not really. A GTX 680 will perform the same at 2560x1440 as a Radeon 7970.
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