2 more fans for Corsair hydro 100 ???

I'm going to buy and install a Corsair hydro 100 tomorrow but the unboxing I watched showed only TWO 120m fans and the installs I saw had FOUR 120mm fans (2 fans above the radiator and 2 fans below it). My question is can I buy the other 2 fans while I'm at best buy? It seems like if the fans were different quality or speed it could be a hindrance instead of helping.

p.s. I also thought maybe i should vertically stack the fans that are the exact same instead of having the s fans that come with the Corsair (presumably pretty good) on top of the radiator and the 2 fans off the shelf at Best Buy (presumably inferior) on bottom of the radiator. If there is a quality difference this would lead to half of the radiator being cooled more effectively but that still seems better than mis-matched fans.

Please tell me!!!
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  1. I would not recommend 4 fans on a H100. yes, there will be a slight performance increase but only by about 4-6 C and they will be much louder. The stock fans are loud enough so adding another 2 would make that even louder.

    Basically, I would recommend against a 4 fan config with a H100. It's just not worth it.
  2. I've never seen it without a row and top and bottom. If you feel like its ok I'm sure it would be ok for me (at least at first) because I do not intend to overclock for a while.


    (does everyone agree?)
  3. I would check first that you have the clearance for a push pull configuration before considering it. Also, the stock fans they give with the h100 are loud and annoying as they ramp on boot and are a bit louder then I'd care for. I replaced the 2 fans with cougar vortex pwm fans.

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