Amd hd 6670 cross fire with m489gtd built in video how to make it work

hi i like to know if amd 6670 hd video card can cross fire with asus motherboard m4a89gtd pro built in video .
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  1. With the inbuilt card? I don't think so. You'll be able to run the card as the dedicated one, but you won't be able to CF it with the onboard.
  2. u wanna to hybrid crossfire with your onboard grafic? You cannot do it with HD 6670.

    As i know it will only able with HD 5540, 5550, or 5570 card........ not much of improvement,

    u will get better performance by using newer single dedicated GPU...
  3. The 6670 1 gig ddr 5 crossfire ready card is only compatable with another crossfire card as far as I know.
  4. Hey I have a related post. To find out if both of your crossfire cards are working get the video desktop gadget from microsoft at the following link: After it is installed you click on the tools on the gadget it self. At the top of the tools dropdown you should see your vedio cards name next to it there is a small arrow click on the arrow you should see a socend card named 1 the first is named 0 if they both show then they are both working.
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