CM Stryker/Trooper vs Obsidian 800D

Hi all,

I'm looking for a new case to put my HW in. Currently I possess the Aerocool Xpredator. I want to stuff a 360 rad in the case I am looking for. I came up with the CM Stryker and the Obsidian 800D. I got an offer from somebody that I can take his 800D, brand new never used (all accessoires still packaged) for 160 euros. The other side of the story is that he expanded 2 of the EATX holes to screw his reservoir in, however it didnt fit and he bought a special case. I like the looks of both of them and there are some things about both cases that don't fit me (f.e. the window that reaches all to the bottom showing off the PSU and cable mess (800D)). Which one should I take?
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  1. dont think you will fit a 360 rad in a cm stryker without some serious diy
  2. A 360 rad will fit nicely in a obsidian 800d. Personally I don't have a 360mm in my obsidian 800d, but I can tell you it should fit without an issue. As for the window that reaches all the way to the bottom, my cables don't really show, if you bundle them up, and then wire them behind the motherboard plate (it has quite a bit of space) you can have most of it out of sight. The obsidian also comes with holes for tubing in some essential places, I have my pump in the same lower compartment as the PSU. I would take a obsidian 800D, as a 360 will be a tight fit in a CM stryker, and might not fit. For 160Euros I would take it if I were you, it costs ~250 euros new. But there are other cases out there.

    Hope this helps!
  3. 800D
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